The Mudcat Games

Saturday, June 10th

12 pm – 2 pm
Wingfield Park

The Mudcat Festival, which took place last year, saw the triumphant return of the popular Mudcat Bed Races. And the good news is, they’re returning once again! But this time, the Jr. Mudcats have taken note of your feedback and have decided to spice things up by introducing additional events. As a result, the festival will now be known as…

The Mudcat Games!
Presented by Dunnville Jr. Mudcats and Pazzos Pizzeria

The Mudcat Games will include the fan-favorite Bed Races and a Tug of War.
The team will be awarded points for their placement in each event, events will take place one at a time.
We will be accepting 8 teams
Each team will have an 8-player roster.

Bed Races

5 players per heat per team4 qualifying heats – 2 teams per heat

Bottom 4 teams race for positions 5-8

Top 4 teams race for positions 1-4

2 players per team for this event
Heat structure to be announced

Tug of War

6 players per team per heat

Heat structure to be announced

Let’s make something new together


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